Construction Laborer

Salt Lake City
LocationUS Calendar08/08/2017   Experienced Salt Lake City


·         Perform physical labor on heavy civil construction project.

·         Operate various hand tools including: shovels, powered hand compactors, saws, drills, etc. 

·         Operating basic surveying/ layout equipment including: tape measure, level, pipe laser, etc.

·         Assist in handling, loading and unloading materials safely. 

·         Recognize risks and hazards on job site. 

·         Work in close proximity with other equipment and crewmembers. 

·         Assist and work with others on construction crews.  

·         Other duties as assigned.



·         Must have a minimum of 1-2 years prior experience in the construction industry.

·         Applicants must be able to demonstrate high levels of skill in performing duties listed above.

·         Heavy civil construction, road building, and pipe laying experience preferred. 

·         Attention and commitment to safety, ability to follow instructions.

·         Ability to move at least 75 pounds, squat, climb onto equipment, and work in constant exposure to outside elements.

·         Willingness to work hard each day.